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Important Alert for Amazon Sellers: Spain's EPR Requirements - Take Action by December 31st!
VAT Ai Team

Attention Amazon sellers! There's a critical update regarding the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations in Spain that could significantly impact your business.

The "Spanish Packaging Laws" refer to two key regulations in Spain: Royal Decree 1055/2022 on packaging and packaging waste and Act 7/2022 on waste and polluted soils for a circular economy. These laws outline the obligations for businesses that sell packaged goods to customers in Spain. They also specify the information that affected businesses must provide to online marketplaces to demonstrate their compliance with these regulations.

Who Needs to Comply?

Responsibilities for Producers

If you're a producer, i.e., you sell packaged goods to customers in Spain, compliance with these EPR obligations is mandatory. This involves registering your packaging and proving compliance to the Spanish Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (Miteco).

Responsibilities for Non-Producers

If your business model doesn't categorize you as a producer, your duty is to ensure your supplier is compliant. This means obtaining their packaging registration number as a proof of compliance.

International Sellers' Obligations

For those selling on Amazon.es but not based in Spain, you must demonstrate compliance by submitting your products' packaging registration number on the EPR portal.

Deadline & Consequences of Non-Compliance

The critical date to remember is December 31, 2023. Failure to submit a valid packaging registration number by this deadline means automatic enrollment in Amazon's Pay on Behalf service. Through this service, Amazon will handle eco-contributions for your sales, recovering these costs and a service fee directly from your seller account. This ensures your products continue to be sold on Amazon.es but comes with additional costs.

Even if enrolled in the Pay on Behalf service, you must still meet all other EPR obligations, like waste prevention plans and eco-design requirements.

Further Information

To understand these changes thoroughly and to stay updated, sellers are encouraged to visit the following Amazon help pages:

Extended producer responsibility: Spain

Pay on Behalf – Extended producer responsibility

As an Amazon seller, adapting to these changes is crucial for maintaining your business operations in Spain. Ensure you take the necessary steps to comply with these regulations to avoid any disruptions and additional costs associated with non-compliance. Stay informed and proactive to navigate these regulatory waters successfully.

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